2017/12/13 - 11:56 | Berg Brandt

Effective vs. Efficient Communication in Leadership


Effective and efficient: two words sometimes used interchangeably, partly because they are graphologically similar; partly because, in certain contexts, their significance has great proximity. However, not everything that is efficient is effective, and vice-versa. More »

2016/11/27 - 19:09 | Berg Brandt

The Color Blue


It’s said that we couldn’t describe the color blue until recently despite the fact modern humans have nearly the same biology as ancient ones. That suggests there are gaps between the existence of something, our ability to notice it (and understand it) and our capacity to give it a name or explain it. Sometimes, in a timeline of events, those gaps can be huge. However, the fact we can’t describe a concept doesn’t mean we cannot understand it. Many times in life, meaning comes before words.
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